School Trip to Breamore Station

Breamore Station in 1955

Breamore Station in 1955

The old Salisbury and Dorset Joint Railway station at Breamore echoed to the sound of steam again on 6 May. Fordingbridge Rotary Club set up a “pop-up” museum for children from Fordingbridge Junior School with film of the steam trains and the sounds and staff of the old railway.

More than 60 children led by Head Teacher Nicola Graham walked some 4 miles round trip to visit the station, enjoying en route the linear nature reserve that the old track has become. The teachers successfully overcame the major challenge of getting a group of this size across the busy A338.

Under Breamore Railway Bridge.800At the station, kindly made available by its current tenants Mr and Mrs Granger, the children were able to see film and old photographs and to handle railway artefacts.

Many enjoyed following the old tracks under the bridge where they tested the famous echo by shouting their names and hearing them come back to them.

The Rotarians shared their railway knowledge and discussed a wide range of railway-linked subjects including science, maths, and history brought up by the enthusiastic group of pupils.

Along the tracks.800After eating their packed lunches in the sunshine on the now grassy track-bed, the happy group returned to school with new knowledge of the history of our Avon Valley and its historical transport network.