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Hearing Dogs for Deaf People

An interesting talk was delivered to Fordingbridge Rotary members, via the medium of Zoom, last Tuesday evening 9th February. The speakers were Malcolm and Eileen Pickett of the “Hearing Dogs for Deaf People” organisation. Eileen is deaf and the beneficiary of a “hearing dog”. Malcolm explained all about the training that these dogs go through, […]

Mercy Ships Talk with Peter Montgomery

Last Tuesday, 12th January 2020, during the height of lockdown, members of Fordingbridge Rotary were treated to a talk by fellow Rotarian, Peter Montgomery from Weighton Wold, via the medium of Zoom. Peter has been involved in the concept of “Mercy Ships” since 2011, along with his wife who is a volunteer nurse on one […]


The well-publicised “LendWithCare” project, that Fordingbridge Rotary has famously taken part in, has now benefitted from a second layer of success. The loans that it has made so far under this scheme, have been doubled as part of a “Big Give Christmas Challenge”. Fordingbridge Rotary has been proud to take part through the “Small Business […]

Allegiance with the Mugumoini Rotary Community in Kenya

Fordingbridge Rotary has struck an allegiance with the Mugumoini Rotary community in Kenya. Mugumoini Civic Ward holds one of Africa‚Äôs largest slums, with over 500,000 people living there below the African poverty line. The objectives of the project are to alleviate all the suffering associated with this poverty, including encouraging people to take responsibility, with […]