Members of Fordingbridge Rotary Tidy Streets

Members of Fordingbridge Rotary were becoming somewhat concerned at the untidy and unkempt look that greets visitors to Fordingbridge. The only official action that seems to have taken place recently, is the use of weed killer, which doesn’t seem to have solved the problem. Road sweepers haven’t been seen for a while, and hence dead weeds outside buildings and no swept pavements seem to be the order of the day.

Fordingbridge Rotary made a start on the bridge, the high street and Salisbury Street two Thursday evenings ago, and continued with the High Street and Roundhill last Thursday 1st July, until “the town was done” as it were. So far, there have been a number of positive tweets and Facebook messages. Additionally, passers-by were frequently coming up with comments like “good on yer”, “I take my hat off to you” and “the town looks so booootiful now, after only a few hours of your chaps’ time!”, all this going to suggest that Fordingbridge Rotary members were not alone in their thinking. One passer-by even presenting each member working on the town, with a box of chocolates. (Isn’t it nice to be appreciated!)