Question Time

Rotary is not about politics or religion, but that doesn’t mean we can’t discuss current affairs.

The panel of experts…

Yesterday’s meeting featured a ‘Question Time’ panel, chaired by David ‘Dimbleby’ Hales, and starring Stephen Walker, Toni Butler, Martin Calver, and Paul Hammond.

Questions from members had been given to the panel before-hand to give them a chance to do some research, and there was time for general discussion on each topic.

The questions asked were:

  • Should girls under 18 be encouraged to play rugby, football, and cricket?  And if over 18 to carry rifles in war?
  • Should Britain get rid of all diesel-engined cars?
  • Should we ban the wearing of the burka or other forms of veil or hood in public?
  • Should parents and schools limit the amount of use by children of social media?
  • Donald Trump thinks global warming is a myth.  What does the panel think?
  • What is the panel’s opinion on the alleged cyber-attack by Russia on the US electoral system?

Answers on a postcard…