The History of English Wine Growing

On 27th September the Club welcomed English wine grower Roger Marchbank and his partner
Diane. Roger is a former chairman of the National Vineyards Association.

He gave an interesting talk about the history of wine dating from 5000 years BC to the Roman
invaders who planted vineyards in England very successfully and the decline brought about by the
Viking and Saxon invaders who preferred drinking mead. By 1930 there were about thirty vineyards
in Britain but with changing habits numbers had grown to about 200 in the 1970’s. 2012 was a particularly
bad year as the grapes did not ripen.

White wine, he said should be served at 9 degrees and not from the fridge at 4 degrees.

To conclude his talk Roger and Diane served everyone with a glass of their own white wine and instructed members to cuddle the glass, sniff and gargle the wine so that the aroma entered the nose. His talk provoked lots of questions and Derek Ayling gave a vote of thanks.

Congratulations to Karl for having organised yet another excellent speaker.